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Moore, Vlahakos, Sydow

Moore Vlahakos and Sydow brings distinctive, practical knowledge to all aspects of family law. Having spent years as judges in family courts, we bring unique experience that no other family law firm can offer. Our depth of understanding Texas law and relative cases, means that our team knows how to get real, positive results. We are absolutely focused on gaining the most successful outcome as efficiently as possible. We have a deep grasp of the law. We know how the courtroom works. We have insight in how cases are judged. We know what gets results and what is a waste of time. Everything we do is aimed at obtaining the best results for our clients.

The MVS Advantage

Our firm is built on integrity. Being founded by 3 Texas judges, guides our practice, strategies and work ethic. We hold the law in the highest regard and coupled with our reputations as professionals manifests itself in our approach to family law. The approach is straight forward, we match our clients’ goals with impeccable ethics, personal attention and a commitment to excellence.


  • Over 4 decades of combined litigation experience
  • Over 18 years of combined judicial experience
  • The only law firm in Texas founded by 3 family law judges
  • Board certification delivers the highest level of recognition
  • Vast experience in both judge and jury trials

What Our Clients Are Saying

Going through a divorce is uncomfortable no matter what. It’s just not an easy time. Roy Moore really understood what I was going through and was simply a rock when I really needed one. Not only did he fight tirelessly for my position, he got real results.
– Paul H.

Paula’s command of the law is immediately obvious. There’s simply no doubt that she knows what she’s doing. Her history on the bench is a genuine asset that can’t be disputed.
– Pat S.

I worked with David on a complicated case that was really getting bogged down by delay after delay. He stepped in, provided clear direction and focus and we were able to move forward to a positive outcome. It was just a genuine pleasure to work with him.
– Margaret H.

The experience of the MVS team means that we know what is important to the opposition, to the courtroom and to the judge. We make sure we understand our clients’ position. We insure that everything we do is in our clients’ best interest. And we use every effort to deliver the best possible outcome in the most efficient manner. Experience counts. Efficiency matters. Results count.